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To better serve the community and our membership, the Young Professionals of Albuquerque has created this page and form to address charitable community event requests.

On a daily basis, the Young Professionals of Albuquerque (YPA) receives requests for help by non-profit organizations in the form of monetary donations, active participation and attendance, or promotion of events to YPA membership. YPA would love to help every time an organization needs it, but in reality we simply cannot do so. YPA prides itself on our work in the community, but in making the desired impact; YPA has to make sure the focus, and buy-in, is of the entire membership. YPA selects several projects to ensure the investment of our membership.

Please read the below snapshot of our selection process and fill out the accompanying online form. This page is not to act as a deterrent in asking for assistance, but to better educate you on how we operate. Once YPA receives the form, we will determine the level of support for your organization.

YPA’s Annual Community Engagement Activities: The annual plan for the Community Engagement Committee is to place our entire membership’s focus on one organization for 3 or 4 months. Ideally, YPA serves 4 different causes a year. YPA does this to guarantee membership is “all-in” and make a noticeable impact for the organization. YPA believes anything less would be a half-measured attempt. If your organization wants to be considered for one of our featured causes, please fill out the accompanying form. The Young Professionals of Albuquerque are always seeking new organizations to help.

Active Members: YPA tends to lean towards teaming up with organizations who have an active member in the organization. At minimum, YPA will provide social media promotion to members’ non-profit events, drives, etc. YPA loves the not-for-profit community and strongly encourages and hopes for those working in the community to join. Those who work for not-for-profits have dues that are HALF of what the rest pay.

Additional Info: If you don’t fit in to the top two categories, that is okay. Fill out the form. It is very rare that YPA will give a monetary donation or solicit membership to do so, because YPA is, like your organization, a not-for-profit and is limited with those resources. We have a large membership that enjoys serving so you will have better luck requesting physical or promotional help. It’s not uncommon for the Young Professionals of Albuquerque to support an event or cause when there is a gap in service with the quarterly cause.


All submissions go to the chair of the Community Engagement committee. The chair and the committee will determine the extent of YPA’s involvement.

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